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The Bay Of Plenty
The beach at Herne Bay looking east along the coast to Reculver
The Bay Of Plenty
The beach at Herne Bay on a fine summer day

The Bay Of Plenty

A place to thrive,
A haven to call home

Herne Bay has all the hallmarks of a classic Victorian seaside town that’s on the up. Friendly, welcoming and intimate, it’s a place where you can comfortably carve out your own space without the mass tourism which dominates some of its coastal neighbours. The two-mile-long shingle beach has a sandy stretch with children’s play area and fishing boats beached at low tide, neat ornamental gardens and attractive shelters to while away an afternoon.

The prime seafront area sits between the Pier and Neptune’s Arm. The handsome sandstone Clocktower was the world’s first freestanding, purpose-built clocktower and remains the town’s most iconic landmark, while the Art Deco Central Bandstand with its buzzy courtyard café and cheerily painted auditorium is another key focal point.

The cosy, cabin-walled Diver’s Arms, one of the towns many traditional pubs, is a fine place to hole up. It was built by the aptly named William Wood, one of the world’s very first salvage divers. Food and drink venues abound, there’s plenty to keep you entertained all year round.